Terms & Conditions

1. FEES 1.1 A deposit or full payment for a course is required at the time of booking to secure your place. 1.2 Any remaining course fees are due 14 days prior to the course starting. 1.3 If the course runs for 15 weeks or more you can spread the cost by paying in 3 equal instalments. 1.4 If a booking is made on-line, the course fee is paid in full at the time of booking. 2. MATERIALS AND EQUIPMENT 2.1 The course fee does not include the cost of upholstery/soft furnishing materials and frames that you wish to take home unless specified. 2.2 You can either supply your own materials or purchase materials at the Upholstery Skills Centre, as and when required. 2.3 Tools will be provided for use at the Centre. 3. HEALTH & SAFETY 3.1 You are required to follow all health and safety instructions provided by the tutors and only use tools (both hand and machine) after receiving instruction from the tutors. 3.2 All work areas are to be kept clear and safe and any problems or potential hazards are to be reported to the tutor immediately. 3.3 Working with furniture will involve moving, lifting and carrying and therefore any pieces that you bring to work on need to be suitable for your degree of physical strength and fitness. 3.4 All personal possessions, including motor vehicles and tools, are brought to the Centre at your own risk. 3.5 Any special requirements need to be reported to the Centre before the course commences. 3.6 You need to wear appropriate clothing and shoes (no open toes) 4. CANCELLATION 4.1 If you wish to cancel or transfer your place on a course, your request should be made in writing via email or letter. 4.2 If your written request is received either within 7 days of booking or more than two weeks prior to the course start date, then you will be entitled to transfer your place or to a refund minus a £20 + VAT administration fee and the non refundable deposit. 4.3 If your written request is received within two weeks of the course start date, we will endeavour to transfer your place to a different course date subject to availability. In the case of cancellations, we will only be able to offer a refund (minus a £20 administration fee and non refundable deposit) if your place can be filled by another student. 4.4 If you withdraw from a course once it has started, we will not be able to refund the course fees. 4.5 Deposits are non refundable. 4.6 We reserve the right to amend or cancel courses at any time. 4.7 If we cancel a course we shall endeavour to give you at least two weeks notice and you will have the option of transferring to another course or having a full refund of the fees. We will not be liable for any losses (including, but not limited to, travel and accommodation costs) arising as a consequence of any modification or cancellation of courses as set out above beyond the cost of the course fee. 5. NON ATTENDANCE 5.1 Non attendance of classes due to illness or for personal or professional reasons does not provide the right to refunds, extra tuition or a transfer. 5.2 However, in such an event we will consider all the circumstances and take such action that we consider to be fair and reasonable. 6. RECORDING AND COPYRIGHT 6.1 Due to copyrights, and to respect other participants, the use of audio and/or visual recording is not permitted during the course. 6.2 Upholstery Skills Centre Ltd may request to photograph students and their work for the purpose of exhibition, promotion or similar activities, including on its website. If you wish to opt out of this for any reason, then please notify us. 7. LIABILITY 7.1 Upholstery Skills Centre Ltd will not be liable for the safety, quality or durability of any work produced by students. 7.2 All furniture, materials, fabrics and any other personal possessions brought onto the premises are there at the owner’s risk. 7.3 Upholstery Skills Centre carries insurances which it considers appropriate to the nature of its business. The details of the insurance policy are available for viewing on request.

Upholstery Skills Centre – T&C’s