Leather Restoration and Repair

These courses are hands-on. They are for people who would like to learn how to restore and repair leather in a small group.

There is a one day Introduction to Repairing & Reviving Leather Course and a three day Intensive Leather Restoration Course.

On the one day course, you learn about the different types of leather; basic cleaning techniques; and how to do simple repairs. The course fees are £185

On the three day course, you learn:

  • How leather is made, the different finishes and how to identify them;
  • How to correctly clean and remove stains;
  • How to maintain the different types of leather;
  • How to make basic cosmetic repairs as a result of surface cuts, burn holes, tears and scratches, etc;
  • How to prepare the surface, attach a sub patch, apply colour and finish, blend in the repairs with an airbrush, and grain matching;
  • Leather restoration – this includes avoiding problems, granting adhesion, degreasing, re-antiquing and colour change.
Each day runs from 9.30am to 4.30pm.

The course fees for the three days are £450

Please contact us for further information